Two questions on a page – we want them to answer one or the other before they move on


I am trying to think through the best way to handle this elegantly. We have two questions – one an open text field and the other a file upload – on the same page so the option is clearly visible. In order to complete the form and submit they must complete one of the two. We cannot require both but we need to have one completed to move on. Is it skip disqualify action? Thoughts?

Dominic Sharpe answered

    I don’t think skip/disqualify logic will work in this scenario, but if you put the questions on separate pages, perhaps you can use the conditional requirement setting to require the second question if the first is left unanswered:

    Another option (less ideal) could be to add instructional text to let respondents know that they need to answer one of the two questions.

    Last, since this is not an out-of-the-box functionality, another option could be to leverage SurveyGizmo scripting functionality to design a custom solution (assuming you have access to developer resources):

    Hope this gives you some options.

    WebOp commented
      • Thanks! I was hoping to avoid custom scripting. We’ll explore your other suggestions, too. I really appreciate your help!



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