How to make all questions mandatory at the last page of the survey only


Hi, I have several pages of questions (majority are required) in my survey. How do I let users go through each page without filling the mandatory questions in, and only make it mandatory for them to fill it in when they want to submit their survey (aka last page)? 

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    I would advise you not to do this.  Your proposed scenario will impose a serious cognitive workload on your respondents.  You will be forcing them to navigate back thru your survey to search for and find the required questions.  Unless your respondents are somehow obligated to complete the survey, I think that you will have extremely high drop-out rates.

    Our preferred approach would be to make the targeted questions mandatory from the start, provide the respondents with a hard-copy of the survey, and ask them to be prepared to answer all questions before starting the survey.

    Another approach would be to use the Review Response action ( to allow your respondents to check their responses before submission.  When we use this action, we also use a custom script (with the sgapiSetValue function) to place a response (“No response entered for this question“) in textbox questions that the respondent has skipped.  This helps the respondents find questions that may need their attention.

    Technically, I am not sure if your scenario is possible.  You could try writing a custom script for the last page using the sgapiSetQuestionProperty function ( that would make the targeted questions required.  At the point that the script runs, the responses to those questions will have already been posted to the response database, and i am not sure if this function works retroactively.


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