[Solved] Question with logic still gets displayed to users



I need help with a survey, where the first question uses the logic:

Only show the question if “salg“, “loyalitet” or “skade1” is not part of the custom merge code field “emergency-type“.

I have uploaded three test users with the three conditions and still they receive the question.

I have of course checked that the custom fields are still present after upload, which they are.

Perhaps you can take a look at the survey?

Kasper Rubin90 asked

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    As you have posted the question to the community other SurveyGizmo users would not have access to take a look at your survey (you would need to reach out to SurveyGizmo directly via either email or chat).

    Having said that, I have a hunch as to what may be causing the issue. You are using a negative operator for logic – is not, etc…

    Because of this you will likely need to apply a secondary condition to the question so that the rule reads something along these lines:

    if Q ‘x’ is not one of the following ‘x’,’x’, etc.


    if Q ‘x’ is answered

    The is answered parameter is important with multiple conditions when using negative logic. When using negative logic, the system evaluates the logic on page load so right off the bat those options are not answered (if you add the ‘is answered’ condition, the system has to wait to evaluate the logic)

    Hope this makes sense

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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