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Hi – i’m looking for recommendations for question types to use for rating an image. We have about 60 graphics that we would like to have people rate on appeal and relevancy. Then, I’d like to be able to rank the images based on these ratings and ideally have a way to report on the images with the images included. I just deployed a survey using the star question type which was great from the respondent’s perspective, but the reporting is terrible. I can’t cross tab based on results, and I can’t even just download the report into excel with the star rating intact, so the reporting (unless you want to just use standard PDF reports – which I don’t) is extremely cumbersome and very manual. 

So for example, I have 25 images. I would like feedback on multiple aspects of each image. Then I want to be able to have robust reporting tools to analyze the results. And (I know I’m reaching on this one) – I would like a way to easily report WITH the graphics.

Regarding the graphics, if I can’t report with the images – is there a way to easily name/tag each image for reporting purposes without respondents seeing that name?

I hope that all makes sense. Looking forward to replies!

Jim Wetherill answered

    If my group had to build something like this, our first attempt would be to create a CUSTOM GROUP question and embed the image in the question text.  Once you have used the text editor to insert the image, you may have to look at the source and edit the HTML code to get the image to stay where you want it.  This is an example of a map image we embeded in a question:

    1. Please select your LSU AgCenter Region:<img align=”right” alt=”LSU Agcenter region map”  src=”” style=”margin-right:60px;” width=”350″ height=”309″ />

    We would then create a group of RATING (LIKERT SCALE) questions or a RADIO BUTTON GRID question to ask the desired questions.  These question types should get you data that you can analyze.

    And since you have embedded the image in your question text, it will also appear in the report with no additional steps required.

    It is difficult to advise you on which question type you should use within the CUSTOM GROUP.  You might have to play around a little to find what you need.

    Good luck!

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