Question type to analyze combinations of responses



I have an MR license and I’ve already had a couple of cases where I would like to calculate the popularity of certain combinations of responses.

Example: the respondents are given a list of ingredients (raisins, almonds, dried mango, coconut flakes, banana chips, etc). The task is to create their own perfect mix using up to 5 ingredients from the list.

What would be the best question type to use for it?

Just frequencies don’t work: almonds and coconut might be the most popular, but never (or rarely) occur together in the same mix… So I was wondering if there is any specific solution for it.


Dominic Sharpe answered

    It sounds like the Conjoint Question could be a good solution for you. Here is the link to the SurveyGizmo help article that covers the topic:

    Hope this helps you get started!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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