Sub-question reporting isn’t appearing as I was hoping it would


Not sure if my title sentence explains it, but I created a survey so a person can ask multiple people the same questions on the same survey using sub-questions.

The survey uses 6 questions as sub-questions with the option to submit the survey or add another duplicate set of 6 questions if there is another person to ask.  

THis is being used as an audit tool so a person can go in to room ask the person inside some questions then go to the next room without the need of starting a new survey, but just quickly adding a person.  

The problem is that when i go to report the survey out that duplicate subquestions aren’t all appearing except in the excel file, but more importantly i want the duplicate sub question answers to appear in the same graph.  


Question 1 = yes

Question 2 = yes


Question 1 = Yes

Question 2 = No


Question 1 = NO
Question 2 = No


Now the report I want is that all the questions 1s get grouped in a pie chart.  All the question 2 get grouped together as they are the same question.  

Dominic Sharpe answered

    It’s difficult to advise in too much detail since I am not able to see your survey, but while the questions might be worded exactly the same, to the system (SurveyGizmo) they are actually unique and separate questions which is why they are reported on separately.

    If they are in-fact separate questions (albeit with the same wording), SurveyGizmo does not have a feature to combine the data collected from different questions.

    Ultimately, it might be a good option to reach out to SurveyGizmo Support as they will be able to take a look at your survey directly and advise you on your options:

    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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