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I am compiling a survey about young children’s eating behaviour.  I am asking parents what foods their young children have tasted (from a long list of options).  I then want to ask them whether the children liked those foods that they have tasted.  I’d like to generate a shorter list, based on the responses to the first question, leaving out the foods that they haven’t tried/tasted.  Is it possible to set up the logic to generate the shorter list for the second question?  I can’t find this as an option.


I would be very grateful for your advice on this issue.


Many thanks

Chris Rossiter

University of Technology Sydney


Christine Rossiter asked

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    I usually use SurveyGizmo’s piping tool for this. It allows you to pipe in selected answers from a previous question. http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/option-piping

    Molly Hooper answered


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