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I am trying to add logic to my survey but it keeps telling me that I need a standard license.  When I look at the grid, it shows that I do have that ability with my basic license.  Help?


Carol Fastric answered

    When I click on logic, I get a message that says it is not available with my plan.  Can you help me fix it?



    Dominic Sharpe commented
      • Hi Carol,

        Are you seeing this message when you click on Question Logic? If so, that is what I would expect to be the case on the Basic License since question logic is not available on that plan level.

        P.S. You have posted this discussion on the SurveyGizmo Community (which is a public SurveyGizmo user forum where we (other SG users) do not have access to your account.

        If you are looking to get in touch with SurveyGizmo’s Support Team, that can be done by clicking the Need Help menu in your SurveyGizmo account.

        I hope this helps clarify a bit!


      Do we get question logic?  I do not see where it is on the grid. 

      Lola Gill commented

        Hi there,

        Your post title says “Question Logic” whereas the link that you shared refers to “Page Logic”. It looks like Page Logic is available via your Basic license:

        Whereas Question Logic requires a Standard License or above:

        I hope this answers your question!


        Dominic Sharpe answered


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