Question Library bug – elements contain incorrect questions

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When I went to build a new survey today by adding elements from my Question Library, I noticed that the individual questions getting added to my survey were completely different from what they should be. Took a look at my Question Library and found that all of the elements are broken; none of them contain the original questions I used when I created the library element.

I did a search of SurveyGizmo Help and didn’t see any info about changes to the Question Library that would have broken existing elements. Is this a bug? Do I need to (painfully) re-create my Question Library?

peter answered
    • I was actually having the same problem

    • We have the same problem here. We are trying to build a folder of questions in the question library to be consistently used by different groups within our organization. It is not possible if the questions keep changing themselves. Please fix this problem, or at least let us know why it’s happening.


    Hi all,

    Thank you for contributing to the SurveyGizmo Community. I apologize for the trouble with your Question Libraries. This is an issue that our engineers can typically assist with via a workaround (the workaround does involve ‘collections’ being split into individual elements).

    Please contact if you are continuing to experience these problems and would like to explore the workaround option.

    Thank you again for posting to the Community!

    David Domagalski
    Survey Explorer & Documentation Specialist
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    SG Admin answered
      peter 106 Rep.

      I just checked my libraries and they all in chaos. Questions have been replaced byu entirely unrelated ones. It ewould appear that when you add questions it adds Q#x from Survey Y. Idf you then go into Survey Y again and change the order, it screw up the library. 

      Yes I want my question library redone as a matter of urgency and 2 I want it made clear in the documentation that this will happen. 3 I want it fixed!


      Admin - SurveyGizmo commented
        • Hi Peter,

          Thank you for posting to the Community forum. I’m very sorry for all the trouble that you have run into with the Question Library feature.

          I see that you have been in contact with our Support Team and the issue has been escalated.

          Our Support Team will continue to update you via the open ticket and will let you know when this is fixed.

          Thank you again for your post and my apologies for the trouble.

          David Domagalski
          Survey Explorer & Documentation Specialist
          SurveyGizmo |



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