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Hello, I am using a professional account. I am developing a survey that has two parts. If the respondent completes the first portion, they will be entered in a drawing. If they answer the second part, they will be entered in a different drawing as well. The first part of the survey is basically mandatory. The second part, however, is optional. Currently, I have a text page after the first part that explains that they are done with the first part and they are free to be done. They are given two options “back” or “next.” I was wondering if there is a third option “finish” so they can finish after the first part. Currently, they have to skip through all the questions of the second part. Is there an option to have two places to finish the survey, or the option to finish at any point, and still be led to the end of survey/thank you page?

Dominic Sharpe answered

    You could incorporate Skip Logic to jump them to the Thank You page and Complete the response. One option would be to add a question onto this above page, maybe a check box saying ‘please check this box to indicate you are finished’.

    Then once the respondent clicks on this checkbox and clicks ‘Next’ they would be jumped to the end.

    Here is some info on Skip Logic:

    Hope this helps!

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