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Can you tell me if Survey Gizmo has features that allow us to build an ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliant web form? 

I see information on Section 508 but not ADA compliance

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    What is the difference? To my knowledge, the concern is with having full support for screen readers (table headers, alt text for images, clearly labeled navigation), considerations about the use of color, not using flashing text, and a few other things all covered under Section 508. The basic question types that SG provides should allow you to meet these requirements. Obviously custom javascript and some of the advanced question types that are more interactive or make asynchronous data calls could pose a problem.

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      • There is no practical difference between the two. Section 508 gives very broad guidelines about how information provided by the federal government should be accessible to everyone regardless of their physical abilities. The ADA basically expands the accessibility requirement to “public entities that have ‘places of public accommodation'”. Everyone gets caught up on the vision impairment problems, but website navigation for paraplegics and other physically challenged people is also a problem.


      We do adhere to 508 in this manner:


      While there is overlap in the style of accessibility in ADA, we don’t design the software to that specific standard instead of 508.

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