[Solved] Query: Can you send a survey to the leader of a team and ask them to monitor completion ?


Is it possible to send a survey to the leader and then ask that person to monitor completion of the survey ?

eugenedaniels1976384366 asked

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    Hey Eugene- You could send the same survey to multiple organizations. I’d recommend creating a different tracking link for each organization. That way in your reports you could filter by organization but also have one big report if you needed it. 🙂

    Molly Hooper answered

      Hi Eugene,

      Can we have a little more information?   Are you asking if a team-lead can monitor the completions of a survey for all of his team members?


      Christian Vanek answered
        • Hi Christian
          Thanks for getting back me. We have solved that issue by asking the team lead to forward the link to his/her members.
          We do however have another question.
          Can we send the same survey to two different groups of respondents, for example staff at psychiatric hospitals and social workers at non-profit organisations. Would Gizmo be able to merge the responses and retain the integrity of the data from the survey ?



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