Can You Push Attachments into Salesforce?


Hi, we are looking to have survey takers attach documents and then push those attachments into Salesforce. Is that possible? Thank you!



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    Hi Lee,

    While SurveyGizmo can’t pass the uploaded file itself to Salesforce, it can pass the link to where that file is stored safely on SurveyGizmo. You can use the link from your Salesforce record to open and review that file when you need. Connect your File Upload question to a Text field in Salesforce. Remember that while the link will be sent to Salesforce right away, the file itself can take a few minutes to become available on our storage system for download.

    We hope this helps!

    The SurveyGizmo Team

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      I’ve found this one and it has been most helpful.


      Just one question, when pushing the link to the file to Salesforce, whenever there is no file uploaded in the SG form, when submitted it still sends a link that returns an error as there is no actual file. How can I default the response to be blank if there is no upload available?


      Thanks and regards, Veronica

      SalesforceSupportmagairportscom90 answered


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