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Hi–on a survey we are about to release live, our testers are able to progress from question to question even though some of those questions are required without answering and then at the very end of the survey they get all the error messages dumped on them at once for the questions they have to answer. How can I change this so that each time they miss a question and try to progress it prompts them to answer before moving to the next page? I need this to be across all platforms–desktop, tablet and phone.


Dominic Sharpe answered

    Based on what you have described I would guess respondents are seeing this behavior on mobile devices.

    The requirement errors in SurveyGizmo are triggered on page submission (page referring to the pages set up on the build).

    On mobile devices, as question are submitted one at a time the required error would not be triggered until the respondent submits the question that triggers the next survey page (per the build tab).

    The best option in this case is to have one question per page (on the build). That way, on mobile devices as respondents navigate question to question, they are also navigating page per page and thus triggering the requirement errors.

    I hope this helps! (this is a bit tricky to explain)

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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