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The progress meter adds 3%-4% for each question completed as I progress through the survey.  But when I get to the end, it goes from 77% on the third from the last screen to 95% on the second from the last screen and then 100% on the last screen.

Can this be fixed?

Larry Seibert68759 asked

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    Hi Larry, I was just going through and found this post and was going to jump in and answer because I thought I had the answer, but it turns out my answer is the same as Lola’s.  If there’s not logic on those last few pages causing the percentage to jump so much, I would bet it’s something else in that specific survey that’s causing it.  I would maybe have someone at sg look into it if you haven’t already figured it out yourself.  I’d maybe send them a support request.

    Chad Wilco answered
      Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

      Might there be some page logic on any of the last few pages?

      I know the progress bar percentage does not adjust for pages that might not be shown due to logic, which can cause the larger increments in the percentage.

      Lola Gill answered

        Nope.  I would have expected that.  It just goes from one simple page to the next.

        Larry Seibert68759 answered


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