My Progress bar is not adding up correctly based on the number of questions, how can I fix this so the last question doesn’t jump from 33% to 100%?


I’ve researched through the community and haven’t found if there is a fix for this. I did come across, but this only explains based on your questions the progress bar should adjust based on the number of questions you have. Does this look at conditions too? I have 9 total questions, some with conditions to choosing 3 items, but the progress bar move only 4% at a time and at question 8 it shows 33% then submits to 100%.

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      The most important item to note with regard to the Progress Bar is that it is based on survey pages, not survey questions. The percentages will update once pages are submitted as described in the article that you referenced.

      I hope this helps clarify!

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    There is no way for us as users to modify the way that the progress bar calculates the respondent’s progress.  This function works well with large surveys, but the math works against its usefulness in small surveys where one question represents a significant percentage of the total.  If you want to continue to use the progress bar, your only option would be to revise the way that your nine questions are distributed across the survey pages.

    If there are only nine questions my team would probably elect to remove the progress bar – we have found that in small surveys it really does not help the respondent.  In some cases where our client wanted to keep the respondent informed but the progress bar would not work well, we added text elements to the pages that read “Page 1 of 3”, “Page 2 of 3”, etc.  We used a light-gray font color for these elements so the information would be present but unobtrusive.

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