[Solved] Processing Responses After Survey Completed


We have put together an assessment as a survey that does using score to provide specific score ranges with text.  However, we need to do more and provide our respondents with a custom generated report response.

We can’t do this simply through the SurveyGizmo PHP script or JavaScript as we need a more sophisticated report with customized charting.

Ideally this would happen right after the users completes the survey, but based on what I have seen we don’t have access the the report data until it is processed.  If this is possible, how would I accomplish this?

If not and we need to review existing responses to process them later with a process.  How best could we just process responses we have not processed before?

Thank you!

justin.griep asked

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    I finally found what I was looking for, the HTTP Connect action will get or post the data to my own web service URL.


    justin.griep answered


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