[Solved] Problems with a survey


I am conducting an online survey and some respondents are referring not seeing all the questions and response options:

Questions Type:

Radio Button
Drag and Drop (Ranking)
Can you help me, identifying the problem?

And how to solve it?

Thank you very much,


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    I would guess that the respondents who are reporting problems are using older versions of Internet Explorer, or have security settings that are blocking interactive features. There is nothing you can do to change your respondent’s browsers, but there is one immediate step that you can – go into your STYLE > LAYOUT options and select the USE DEFAULT BROWSER ICONS…. option.  This should solve the problem with radio button questions.

    Unfortunately there is no easy fix for the drag and drop ranking question. If this is a widespread problem, you may have to consider changing the question to a ranking grid. 

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      Thank you very much for the quick answer!

      I will proceed with the change!


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