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I’m, having problems with a surevy called “Nepa E-tracking 2016-01-22 GLOBAL” in my account. I try to upload a list of 154 contacts and according to the system it’s done in a proper way. However, when I try send it out it says that I don’t have any uploaded contacts. Can you please help me?



Annika Lamborn90 asked

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    Hi Annika,

    I noticed this post in our Community. I will be reaching out to you directly via email to see if we can address the issue that your are running into.

    Expect an email from me shortly!


    David – SurveyGizmo

    Admin - SurveyGizmo answered

      You posted this to the community forum, but this might be something sg’s support team will need to look at.  I’d recommend contacting sg’s support team about this directly at support@sgizmo.com.  Hope that helps.

      Chad Wilco answered


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