[Solved] problem with data for a form


Dear all,

i have created (long time ago) a participation form id=1019693.

In today’s users data, we received non-readable characters. Like if the system translates the Greek characters to html unicode, for example the A was @ampAlpha and so on. This incident happened in 2 separate answers, id 770 and 771. For 771 i did an edit and corrected the data myself. For the 1st one i’m sending you a screenshot.

Please advise.


Best Regards,


Chris Markou asked

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    This looks like some kind of encoding problem (HTML showing instead of the special characters). I think you may need to contact SurveyGizmo directly to have them investigate (if you have not already).

    You can send them a ticket at support@sgizmo.com or try live chat.

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Dear all,

      There is another incident with response id 772 that came with unreadable characters (as described in my previous e-mail).

      Thank you.

      Chris Markou answered


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