Problem: Can’t exclude responses from report


What I want / expect:

  1. In the Individual Responses view,  I tag certain responses as “Disqualified”
  2. In the Reports, I set the filter to NOT include Disqualified responses
  3. I expect the report the exclude those responses.

What actually happened:

  • The filter has no effect. Disqualified responses are still included in the report.

Can you help?

Paul McInerney answered

    Thanks! I was using tags rather than converting the response status.

    Feedback on documentation & product:

    • I read thru the articles you identified and it was not as clear as it could be that you can manually set the status of a response to disqualified.
    • As the following capabilities seem easily confused: “Mark a response as disqualified” vs. “Disqualify selected responses” 


    Paul McInerney answered

      Are you adding ‘tags’ to responses or are you converting the response status? Tags themselves do not indicate response status so if you are filtering by response status, the tags would not work.

      You would need to convert responses to a Disqualified status in order for the status filter to have any effect on them.

      These articles should help:

      I hope this helps clarify!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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