problem creating standard report – green bar saying ‘you have new responses’ never finishes loading


When I try to create a standard report of a survey the data doesn’t load. Have not had this problem with other surveys.

Sheila Bloom answered


    I’ve seen this intermittently on some reports but haven’t figured out what causes it.  To address the issue, I either reload the page from my browser (in Google chrome the reload arrow is right by the address bar and it works really fast for me) or I click on the logo in the top left and get back to my Survey Gizmo home page and go back into the Survey (this takes longer, but usually fixes whatever is frozen on my survey).    

    If it does this every time you load this specific report, and you can trace your exact steps before trying to open it,  you could email Survey Gizmo Support heroes and they will help.

    I hope this helps,


    Sheila Bloom answered


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