a problem with chrome browser



when i share my survey and open the link in a chrome browser it saves old versions of my survey and does not apply the changes i made. it also showes  the name of the survey in the browser tab.

in IE11 browser it works very well.

what seems to be the problem?

Thank you,


Eynav Tzadok answered

    thank you,

    i already cleared chach and cookies but it is not the problem beacause it happens in different computers.

    my survey is in Hebrew and few words in English. what is weired is that it doesnt show the changes i made in chrome browsers. any other ideas?




    Eynav Tzadok answered

      It might be that there is a caching issue? Have you tried clearing the cache and cookies on your Chrome browser?

      Also, do you have multiple language versions of your survey? If so, are both your Chrome and IE browsers set to the same browser language? It could be that Chrome is showing a different language version of the survey than IE.

      I hope this helps you troubleshoot further!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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