Private domain does not work for customized links


Yesterday, I setted up CNAME Record in our domain manager site, following indications from SG documentation.

In SHARE -> CUSTOMIZE THIS LINK, I selected PRIVATE DOMAIN for our link but it does not work.

Neither works when I select A TRACKING LINK and select ADVANCED SETTINGS for customized links (everyoune gets unique links).

Fabio Fonseca Urrea answered
    • Question – did you add the domain name to your account? ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT SETTINGS > DOMAINS > NEW PRIVATE DOMAIN?
      Your message does not mention this step and I don’t want to make any assumptions.


    Hi Jim.

    Here is the image. What am I doing wrong?


    Fabio Fonseca Urrea answered

      Yes, I did. In fact, there are two private domains, neither work when I tested them. Can I send to you an image of our domain manager with configurations?

      Jim W (Moderator) commented


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