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I set up a new private domain , but surver link is not working , not found displayed , I don’t know how to do next ? survey name

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    • Thank you for your suggestion , I had been read it already

      This is our website , but DNS is .co not .com , if private domain CNAME DNS record is pointed at , .co can work? or what kind of method I can try?

    • As long as CNAME DNS is pointed at, I would suspect that .co should work. If it is still not working properly for you, you may need to troubleshoot further with SurveyGizmo Support. You can reach support via chat: or you can submit a support ticket via


    This often means that there is an issue with how the private domain was configured. Most commonly, if there is an issue, it is because the private domain CNAME DNS record is not pointed at (step 2 in the following SurveyGizmo documentation):

    I hope this helps!

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