Printing open-ended comments


How to get all open-ended comments from a single survey question to print out (even though in the report you have to advance to multiple pages to see them all)

Dominic Sharpe answered

    I’m not sure if you are trying to print the screen. I think the best option is to first download your report via PDF, Word, Powerpoint, or Excel (whatever works best for you).

    Each of these download options has a setting that you can check to Include lists of open text answers. This should include all of the comments.

    Here is SurveyGizmo’s help content on this:

    Hope this helps!

    Karen McNenny commented
      • Thank you Dominic, but when I do this, the download only picks up the first page of the comments for the question (there are about 6 pages and you have to click “next” in the report to get to each one).

      • This is my EXACT questions as well. I have the basic $300/year membership. I am finding it difficult to simply print a copy of the full report. The “show next page” option limits my ability to simply create a PDF with all information or print everything together. Super frustrating. Is this a case of “get what soupy for” or is their a way to simply print the complete report with ALL comments, at once. I’m already doing a work around to get a PDF of the report so I can print and send to my client. “Include lists of open text answers” doesn’t seem to come up as an option for me – actually downloads is LOCKED. thanks – Karen



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