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I created a quiz and entered my point values per each question.  How do I print what I entered in the Quiz section so I can print and compare what I entered in Quiz section to my hard copy point values per item in each question?  Thank you.

Ann Brown answered

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    Hi Ann,


    Thanks so much for contacting us via community! My name is Ryan and I am a member of the support team at SurveyGizmo!


    I wanted to reach out on this post cause this seems like a pretty cool feature request! Right now we don’t have a built in feature to accomplish this. There are a couple of workaround you could implement however!


    1. You could take the survey getting each of the answers correct and then print a pdf of that response!
    2. You could right click on the “Edit” button next to the quiz score action and select “open in new tab/window”. Once you do this the action will display the answer key towards the right hand side which you can highlight entirely, right click, and select “Print”. This should print your list of answer options including the checked answers!

    I am going to put in a request to see if we can include a feature like this in the future. This may take some time, so for now I would recommend using one of the above methods!


    I hope this helps in getting your answer key printed!


    Thank you very much,


    Ryan Voigt
    Survey Switters
    “I rather like the smell of absurdity in the morning.”

    Ryan - SurveyGizmo answered

      THanks, Ryan for your help! Really appreciate it, great idea!

      Ann Brown answered


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