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I’m trying to print out my survey as a pdf. I want the pages to start where the page breaks in the survey are and not just go on one after the other. Is there an option for this???



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    That won’t work for me. I want to keep the style and formatting. Since I’m using Hebrew downloading to word messes it up so it really won’t be any good…


    Any other ideas? 

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      • Maybe another member of the Community will have another idea. I know that the latest versions of MS Word (2013 & 2016) can open and edit pdf files, but I have no experience in using these versions so I can’t tell you how well they work. You might be able to do it with Adobe Illustrator, but it would be a major effort – the pdf format was never really meant for editing.


      My group uses the TOOLS > EXPORT function to create a copy of the survey in MS Word format.  We then insert page breaks (CTRL-ENTER) as needed and save the file in pdf format (Most current MS Office product have a ‘save as’ to pdf option).

      The Word file is much more flexible and easier to work with than a pdf file in Adobe Acrobat.

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