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Hi, I would be appreciative to get help in solving the pricing issue of my account. 

The thing is that I see that every month Surveygizmo withdraws 25$ from my account, but I haven’t given such permission. In my account it is written the following: 

<Billing Cycle: $0 billed monthly on the 31st of each month

This is a free account. Yay, no bills!

  • Account Type: Free Account
  • Users: 1/1 >

How could i resolve this issue and get the money back?

Admin - SurveyGizmo commented
    • Hi there,

      Thank you for posting to the SurveyGizmo Community! I’m sorry for the billing issue that you have encountered.

      This is something that our Billing Team can certainly investigate with you. I have alerted our Billing Team of your post and they will be reaching out to you shortly via the email address associated with your account.

      Best regards,

      David Domagalski
      Documentation Specialist
      SurveyGizmo |


    I have flagged your posting for the attention of SurveyGizmo Support.  Unfortunately, none of the other SurveyGizmo users on the Community forum will be able to help you with your problem.

    You can contact SurveyGizmo Support yourself at, or thru one of the other help channels.

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