Previously Collected Responses Changed when Dropdown Lists Updated




Dropdown lists were updated prior to the start of a new e-mail campaign and this changed the responses to previously completed surveys.


How do we go about restoring the proper data – without going through hundreds of responses and individually correcting them?



Robert Knight asked

    Thank you Jim. The detailed response is appreciated.

    Robert Knight answered

      Unless someone at SurveyGizmo can do some database magic, I am afraid that you are going to have to go through hundreds of responses and individually correct them. And even if they can restore the database to a previous state you will probably lose any responses that have been collected since the change. You should probably consider submitting a request to SurveyGizmo Support if you want to pursue this option –

      When you create questions in a survey, you are also building an underlying database to collect the answers.  If you change a question or its answer options, then the underlying database and the data it contains will be affected.  Generally, it is not advisable to make any changes to a survey once it has gone live.

      You can review the SurveyGizmo documentation for details –

      If we are forced to make changes in answer options, we usually disable the existing question and then replace it with a new question. This preserves the existing responses and allows you to start collecting new responses to the question –

      Jim Wetherill answered


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