[Solved] Preview / test mode is not consistent with build



When building my survey I often look at the “preview” to check if everything looks fine. However, the preview tab is “lagging behind”. It only shows my first three questions, but I already have 17 questions in place.

Can you please solve this? 




carolinevandenbroeck asked

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    Hi Caroline, I thought I would check up on this for you as we do have a feature that might be what was causing you to see this happen if you have logic on the pages that hold the balance of your 17 questions.  The Preview tab will ignore logic by default to make testing a bit easier.

    Here is our documentation about this:


    Topper Shull answered

      Hi Caroline! Do you have any question logic on these questions? Preview/Test mode will obey any question logic you have set up in the Build, which can be slightly confusing. If this isn’t it, there may be something specific to your situation causing the trouble – feel free to reach out to our Support team over live chat or email for one-on-one support!


      Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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