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We run a continuous customer sat program.  Individual customers do interact with the service provider at fairly regular intervals (weekly, monthly etc) and the customer base is not overly large.  We don’t want to ask customers for feedback every time they interact but it would be good to be able to set up a system to prevent surveys being forwarded more frequently than, say, once every 6 months.  Is this something we can set up via surveygizmo or do we need to manage this ourselves through some other process?

Nick Jostsons asked

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    Hey Nick –

    So, I’m not aware of a simple ‘in app’ solution to monitoring your survey to this degree. However, there could be a solution within the Website Intercept feature.


    *please note this advanced features is only available at the Enterprise Subscription Level

    This feature grants you more control of how often certain visitors to your website see a given survey. It does take some calibration OUTSIDE of SurveyGizmo on your website. However, there are some fantastic video tutorials that walk you through the process!


    I hope that helps!

    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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