[Solved] Preventing duplicate entries when IP and Cookie Protection Isn’t Ideal


Is there a way we can program Survey Gizmo to look through the existing responses and flag if a response (say an email address) is the same as one already in the records? We want to prevent participants from registering multiple times but IP/Cookie protection is not ideal as they may be using common computer labs, for example. Any thoughts on a work around would be much appreciated…

detemkin asked

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    There are a couple of other options that you might consider.

    Option one is to create password access for the survey and assign a unique password for each participant (one time use password):


    Another option is to provide unique one-time-use links for each participant via the sguid url variable:


    I’m afraid there are no after the fact options for having SurveyGizmo to flag duplicate responses based on email. One option may be to export your responses to Excel and sort out duplicates there.

    I hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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