[Solved] prevent users by pass survey page and go to redirect url




I want to upload my list as excel/csv with:

email, firstname, lastname, inv, rid


1st Scenario:


I want to send emails to people, but they should click on a link to start survey:


from this page, I will redirect them to actual survey


then, when survey is completed, I want user to redirect to



is this possible?


2nd Scenario:


I want to send emails to people:


then, when survey is completed, I want user to redirect to


(this rid is a custom variable on my email list)


purpose is,

  1. i want to send email to my users using gizmo tools

2. they will come to my web survey start page first

3. then go to surveygizmo page

4. then come to my web site survey end page


and i dont want users bypass surveygizmo’s survey page and type the survey end page with required parameters 🙂


has anyone done something like this?

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    This seams possible, you will need to utilize the URL redirect action described here:


    #8 in the setup steps described below refers to redirecting to an external URL and appending url variables to the link:


    Hope this helps!

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