Prevent typing the same answer in text/number box



Is there a way to prevent typing the same answer in a text/number box?

For example, in we have [phone number] or [email] boxes and a few staffs to call a list of customers.

Is there a way to prevent us from typing in the same phone number or email in these box? As in for phone box and email box the answers must be unique.

Duc answered

    Will you know the email addresses ahead of time? If so, you could input these as answer options in a single select question (radio button, dropdown menu).

    You could then apply an answer option limit of ‘1’ to each email in the list. This would make sure that each address could not be selected more than once:

    If you don’t have the email addresses ahead of time and need to input the answers into a textbox, this would need to be set up as a custom solution. SurveyGizmo’s Pro Services team might be a good resource for such an implementation:

    I hope this gives you some options!

    Dominic Sharpe answered
      Duc 13 Rep.

      That’s a one way to go. We have our phone number list so we know who we are calling, so I’ve set the numbers to Type in: unique value so there will be unique answers to all phone numbers.
      That definitely helps!


      Duc answered


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