How do I prevent participants from going via the edit link twice?


The problem: I have a survey with 3 pages, and the 4th is the test with timer. Can I do something so that people may return to the survey via Edit link, but not to the test?

Maybe it is possible to send edit link only once and disable it after a participant passes the test?

Olga Yarkova answered

    Thank you! But that’s not exactly what I wanted 🙁

    The participants should be able to fill the form via edit link and come to the test (for example. fill the preliminary questions and start the test later). But once they opened the test, they should not be able to use edit link.

    Olga Yarkova answered

      You could add logic to the test page to only show that page if the edit link is NOT used. The edit link has a url variable that can be targeted with by a logic condition.

      The logic condition would be structured like this:

      Show this page if:

      URL variable: snc ‘is not answered’

      This way the test page is shown when the edit link is not detected, and it’s hidden when the edit link is detected. You may want to test this out in a copy of your survey just to make sure that it accomplishes what you are trying to do, but it should work!

      Hope this helps!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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