[Solved] How to prevent changing the language after the survey is completed?


I would like to force participants to choose a language using the language bar when they’re on the 1st page of the survey. I would like to prevent them from changing the language after they left page 1.

Is it possible to make the language bar disappear when the survey taker arrives on page 2?

Thomas Stimson answered

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    Hey Fredrick –

    Thanks for the question. You can indeed force the language bar to only exist on the first page with a little CSS. It’s really a two step process.

    1. You will need to add the following CSS under the style tab.

    #sg-snc-bar {



           2. Then, put this code in a Javascript action on page one of the survey.




    Here’s some information about adding CSS to your survey if you’re having problems.

    (the appropriate section is at the end of the document entitled, “Custom CSS and HTML”

    I hope that helps!

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      Thanks Justin, that works perfectly!

      Frederick Dugas answered

        I have  the Language Bar enabled but it is not showing up. Any ideas  of why? 



        Thomas Stimson answered

          Hi all,

          I wanted to post an update here and let you know that a feature now exists to only show the language bar on the first page of the survey.

          When enabling your language bar, select the “Only show on the first page” option:


          David Domagalski
          Survey Explorer & Documentation Specialist
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          Admin - SurveyGizmo answered



            I just tried this, but it made the language bar disappear all together, so now it does not show at all, not even on the first page. I followed the steps that Justin wrote. What could be the problem?

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