[Solved] Is it possible to present different question text based on a previous response.


I would like to be able to change the wording of a question based on ta previous answer to tailor the survey to a respondent without duplicating the questions.

For example I might have a question

Are you a patient or carer?

If patient the question would be : Q1. Do you often feel on edge?

If carer the question would be:    Q1. Does your loved one often feel on edge?


Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Paritosh Mehta99759 answered

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    There is not an option to change the question text entirely based on a previous answer. Typically, this type of situation is handled by having two separate follow-up questions (one for patient, one for carer) and using Question Logic to trigger the appropriate question based on the answer to the first question:


    You could also explore using merge codes, in case it’s something that you can apply to your use case:


    Hope this helps!

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      • I did not think it would be possible, I just wanted to check as it would save some work in the later data analysis.

        Thanks for the help!




      I think this is possible. If you can use a little bit of custom scripting, you could change the question text as per the response to a previous question.


      so if QuestionID 1 is where you are asking if they are a patient or carer, and if Question ID 2 is where you want the question text to be customized, here is a sample script that will do the work (without the need to duplicate the question):


      %%varQ1 = sgapiGetValue(1);

      if (%%varQ1 == “Patient”){

      sgapiSetTitle(2,”Do you often feel on edge?”);


      if (%%varQ1 == “Carer”){

      sgapiSetTitle(2,”Does your loved one often feel on edge?”);



      hope this helps!




      Paritosh Mehta99759 answered

        In this case if you have more than one follow-up questions, you could make use of page-skip logic. That would allow you to ask a complete question set for patient and a complete question set for the carer.


        If the questions are the same, you could even use some custom script or default merge codes to make a third set that is hidden but brings everything together for easier overall analysis.

        SurveyMasterinTraining commented
          • Thanks for the feedback – I did not think it was possible without branching, although I like the idea of potentially merging into a third set to collate the information.



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