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We have a large survey that we administered on surveygizmo last year (2015) for the first time. Prior to that we used other survey tools. Last year, we prepopulated our 2015 survey by mapping it to an excel with data from the other tool the year prior.

This year, we plan to administer the same survey, with a few additional questions, on surveygizmo again. What is the easiest way to prepopulate the 2016 surveygizmo survey with the 2015 surveygizmo data. Do we need to remap everything again or is there something more automated?

For those that took it last year, we’d like their responses to already be included in the survey so they see their earlier response, but could override/change/edit if their response has changed for this year.

Appreciate any tips, help and advice you can provide.

Thank you.

Pat Sukhum

Pat Sukhum asked

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    Hi Pat,

    Typically when needing to pre-populate a survey, one of two common methods would be used: the Login/Password Action or an Email Campaign.

    Here is documentation on using both of these features to populate a survey from another survey:



    Depending on what you did last year, one of the above options should work.

    Hope this points you in the right direction!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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