Prepopulating from multiple questions


I’m trying to find a way in which a person can select different options from separate questions and then asked to select from the total list.  This may be due to the original list being too long or wanting to separate the items into thematic groups.  

Using a menu as an example (but not what I am doing), an entree list, mains list, desert list then having a list of the items selected from each group to ask which they would select.  The reason for the design is that I may want results for given areas but then allow the freedom to not choose from those areas in the final choice, or to indicate multiple items from an area at the expense of another (I may want three deserts!).  Also, by having the final set of choices I can run a TURF report.

Prepopulation/ piping appears to work only with one question and not allow sourcing from multiple questions.   



Jim Wetherill answered

    You are correct.  Normally piping can only be done from one question.

    However, if your account level allows it, you can use custom scripting to pipe from multiple questions.  You can review the SurveyGizmo documentation for details –

    The example script involves only two questions, but you may be able to re-write the script to accomodate your requirements.

    You are not detailing the question types you are using.

    Another option may be to disregard piping and use answer option logic ( to determine the response options available to your respondents.

    Jim Wetherill answered


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