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I am building a survey where we will use Login/Password action to pre-populate a number of the survey questions.  However we have variable amounts of data for each person completing the survey.  For example, we are asking people a number of questions about their journal publications – some have one or two publications, some have more than 20. How can I set up the questions to populate only the number of publications the person has, rather than the amount the person with the most has?


Lola Gill answered
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    You may need to incorporate some logic conditions to make this work. Since you will already be pre-populating the survey, my thought is that one of the fields that you pre-populate is populated with the number of publications.

    You can then add logic to the following questions to so that the ones about the 20th publication only show if the above mentioned field contains the number 20.

    Here is some additional information about question logic in SG:

    This seems like it might be a good way to address this issue – hope it helps!

    Lola Gill answered


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