Pre-populated fields do not update if user changes password


I have set up a student survey with a login/password action where the respondent must enter their student ID (password) and then their list of subjects is pre-populated.

This works fine the first time a student enters their password (student ID), however in the scenario where the student has entered their password (student ID) incorrectly but this is still a valid student ID they will see the incorrect subject list – if the student then goes back to enter their correct student ID, the pre-populated fields for subject list do not update – they remain the same as the first pre-population.

How can I get the survey to update the pre-populated fields if the password is changed? 

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    I have the same problem with a LPA.

    1. User enters username and password and clicks next.
    2. User clicks back
    3. User changes password and clicks next.
    4. Pre-populated data does not reload.
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      If the students are discovering that they have entered the wrong ID before they make any changes, then you can just provide directions with a link back to the survey. The directions should say, that if the data they are seeing is not theirs, don’t change anything, but instead click on the link to start over.

      If they have already made changes before discovering the problem and moved between pages of your survey, then you have real problems. They will have effectively made unknowable changes to the data for another student and I can’t think of a good way to revert it.

      I also worry that a system using just the student ID is open to abuse by a malicious student. Maybe that won’t be a problem in your environment, but I am paranoid.

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