Pre-populate a survey with name and email address of invited respondent


I am creating a survey to send out to a list of around 200 respondents. I have their names and email addresses in a spreadsheet. They already completed a previous survey.

I would like the new survey to be pre-populated with these contact details as hidden data, so that we can see who responded and so that we can send an automated email to respondents once they have completed the survey. 

I can’t quite see how to do this from the various tutorials on the website. Can you help please?

Thanks, Anna

Dominic Sharpe answered

    Hi there!

    In case you didn’t stumble across this article, it is a good place to start as it talks about the various ways to use your contact data in your survey:

    This does assume that you will be sending out your survey via SurveyGizmo’s Email Campaign option.

    The process I would typically use for this would be as follows:

    1. Create an Email Campaign in SurveyGizmo and upload your contacts (email addresses, names, etc.)
    2. Next on your survey, add Hidden Value Actions which will be the hidden fields that you can store your contact information in (via merge codes).
    3. This is where the first link comes in. You would need to use the contact field merge codes to pull information from the Email Campaign into the Hidden Values.

    Hope this lets you get started! Feel free to share additional info if needed (perhaps other users here in the forum have additional feedback)

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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