How can I pre-populate a radio button based on the value of previous question


Creating a survey where I need to ask a person’s age in a number box which I am using skip/disqualify logic to terminate people below X yrs and over Y yrs. Later in the survey I need to check if that age is >50 and if “yes” I need to give it a value to “1” to add in a quiz score (add scores for total).

I was thinking of setting up the hidden admin viewable only radio button question (Is age>50) and have Yes as the only radio button option and have it pre-checked. I can count this field now in my quiz total score. I can’t figure out how to pre-populate the yes option in the radio button. Does anyone know how to do this or have another suggestion on how to do this?


Jacob McGlothlin answered

    The best way requires you have access to custom scripting.

    You would sgapiGetValue() of your age question, then use an if statement to evaluate if ( x > 50), then sgapiSetValue() of your question yes (1) or no (0)  based on the value.


    Jacob McGlothlin answered


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