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How do I receive an email with the question and answer included in it?

(i.e.   Q. what is the room number?  A. room 553)

Patrick McCabe answered

    I would try using the “action” called “Send Email”.

    To put the question in the body of the email, you simply type the question in the email

    (e.g. ‘Q: What is the room number?’)

    For the answer, you can use a merge code

    (e.g. ‘A: Room [question(“value”), id=”20″]’)

    Although the Send Email action can be relatively simple to use, it has a lot of nuances that can be very useful but may take some time to learn and test in your survey.  Likewise, merge codes can be pretty simple to use but they also have many useful features that can take a bit of time to understand.

    The help articles on the Send Email action and Merge Codes are quite good and pretty thorough.  I suggest checking each of them out and creating a short test survey to try out and learn the features so you end up with exactly what you want in your real survey.  The articles I recommend are

    Send Email Action

    Merge Codes To Pull Data From Questions


    Patrick McCabe answered


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