Is it possible to populate SG questions with multiple Salesforce records on one SF pull?



I currently have data in an object named PARENT that pulls in and populates fields from salesforce. We have another object, named CHILD, that is the detail end of a master-detail relationship. Each PARENT can have multiple CHILD records. Well, CHILD has an brand and year field that is of interest to the survey.

My goal is to access the brand and year fields in EACH child object that is tied to the parent… and ultimately have the brand be the label and year be autopopulated, with the capability of changing it. 

I already accomplish the end goal by performing an action sf pull on each child where the parent field matches our criteria within a set number of brands. Well, this can get a bit ugly if there are 50 brands that are possible, since each pull action is separate. This has an action for each CHILD and all the resources that SG needs to fulfill them.

I tried to just run the sql in the way that would make sense to me… the action log indicates it is returning all of the appropriate results, but how can I make this display in a field of some sort for further manipulation? I tried to just map it to a text block or a text list… at best it just returns one piece of text and overwrites itself.

Can I get this data in a usable matter?

Dominic Sharpe answered

    I don’t believe that there is a means for populating all of the CHILD info into one field (where each child is indicated somehow). What you have described may be the best option (though like you mentioned it can get a bit ugly).

    Executing this scenario in the way you are hoping is likely limited, but I’d be curious if you worked out a solution since posting this question here?

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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