Is it possible to populate a radio button “Other – Write In” text box using Merge Code?


My company sends out end-of-training surveys, for which I upload the course information through the campaign tab, so it doesn’t have to populated individually for each class survey. 

I have a radio button question, “Program Title”, populated with the core courses for the company, however, one offs are done occasionally, so I’d like to be able to populate the “Other – write in” text box next to the radio button with an upload. 

The Question would look something like:

Program Title:

A) Course 1

B) Course 2

C) Course 3

D) Course 4

E) Other – Write In

Is this possible? Thanks!

Community Admin answered

    Hi Trudy,

    Other textboxes are not available for prepopulation using a merge code however, I have a pretty easy workaround for you. Instead of creating an other, please specify answer option you can create a regular answer option and call it other. Then create a follow-up text field that you can trigger with logic to display. This set up is similar to what is described in this tutorial:


    Now, because this second followup question is a standalone question it will have the default answer field available to specify the merge code to populate.


    I hope this helps!

    Bri Hillmer
    Documentation Coordinator
    SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team

    Community Admin answered


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