Please help urgently


I need help we are running really important data capturing and our responses are not collecting!!

Please contact me urgently


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    Hi Warren,

    I just received an email notification from SurveyGizmo Support that the response processing delay problem has been resolved.

    For future reference, you can always check the status page – – to see if there are any known system problems.  This page has a link in the upper left corner that will allow you to signup to receive notifications online,

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      Hi Warren,

      You have posted your message on the Community Forum.  The forum consists of SurveyGizmo users who share the time and expertise with other users. 

      If you have an urgent need, I would advise you to contact SurveyGizmo Support for assistance.

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        Hi Jim, Thank you seems like the support team is offline currently…? 


        Jim W (Moderator) commented
          • Hi Warren,
            You are probably correct – they are not available 24/7.
            As another user, I can tell you that sometimes there is a significant time lag between the time a response is entered and the time that it appears in the response database. SurveyGizmo uses Amazon Web Services, and sometimes they decide to perform maintenance routines that slow down service. I don’t believe that any responses have ever been lost – they are just delayed.
            I have flagged your message for the attention of Support, so hopefully if anyone is there they will see the flag.



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