[Solved] Please answer an urgent question re Email Contact Lists.


Hi, we have uploaded a contact list, run the survey to completion and are now reporting. The client has requested an additional respondent segmentation. That is, we have tagged ‘staff’ and ‘student’ respondents using ‘role ‘and ‘custom variable 2’. However the school would like us to add a segmentation for ‘staff’ into ‘primary teachers’ and ‘secondary teachers’. Can we export the contact list to CSV, add the data in another column (say ‘division’) and then re-upload in order to keep all contact details (including respondent ID link to responses) but have it auto update the new column?

Otherwise I see that we can manually edit each respondent individually.


Jason Borody asked

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    Hi Jason,

    I think you’re onto a great solution for this. You could run your export and then include the new information into that file. After that, you’ll just do a data import, being sure to select “match on response ID” so that you update the information rather than generating new responses. After this, you’ll want to run a new export to have that information show so you can run those filters.

    I hope this helps.


    Chris - SurveyGizmo answered

      All working well. Thanks!

      Jason Borody answered


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