Is there a way of placing text boxes next to check boxes for people to expand upon their selected answer?


Hi there, i am trying to find a platform that will enable me to have the following question layout:


    1. Recovery (%):  Current_ Target_ XXXX
    2. Starting Cell number (x109) Current_ Target_XXXXX
    3. Acceptable viability change (△%) Value_XXXX
    4. Purity (%) Current_ Target_
    5. Process duration – including prep (hr) Current_ Target_
    6. Cost (% reduction) Value_
    7. Reagent usage (% reduction) Value_


Whereby we ask the respondent to select any of the above areas of discontent; then we offer them a chance to provide more details about that particular area i.e., if they choose 1 (Recovery), then we would want a text box adjoining that question that would enable them to write in more information about their Current Recovery Target. 


I can’t seem to find a way to do this in any platform. 


Any help much appreciated!




Jim W (Moderator) answered

    Hi Elisa,

    If I had to build this type of question I would use the Special Settings to change each of the options to OTHER – WRITE-In (  This would give you the text box next to each of the answer options.  I would then use a JavaScript ( to hide the OTHER text box until an answer option has been selected.  This second step is an aesthetic choice on my part and is not necessary.

    Another option would be to set this question up as a Custom Group question.  Set your primary question as the first question, and then add the followup text box questions.  You can use question logic so that the proper text box question appears.  You can also disable the line break after the first question to make sure that the followup questions appears on the same line as the primary question (  This option allows you to make the followup questions more specific than just an empty text box next to the answer option.

    Good luck!


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